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Don’t pay $500+ for a Night Guard at the Dentist!

Get a professional quality night guard with guaranteed perfect fit and comfort at a fraction of the price!

Easy Teeth Mouth Guard

Here’s what most dentists don’t tell you

They actually don’t make the night guards themselves.

Instead, they outsource the work to a professional dental lab like us. All the dentist does is take an impression of your teeth to send to us. We do all the work to create the mouth guard and send it back to the dental office. The dentist then hands over the finished product to the patient and charges anywhere from $300-$800. In reality, it only cost the dentist a fraction of that price.

We’re offering you the same low prices we charge dentists to make their mouth guards for their patients. Why waste the extra hundreds of dollars?

Cut out the middlemen. Buy your mouth guard directly from the source.

Save hundreds of dollars and see why we’re the #1 supplier for dental night guards online!

How does it work? Simple!

It is very easy to order your night mouth guard from, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. The steps are outlined below:

  1. Order: Place your order at and we’ll send you one of our easy to use home impression kit with instructions.
  2. Mail: Take an impression of your teeth utilizing the kit and instructions that you received. If done correctly, the putty will harden and capture the exact shape and position of all of your teeth. Send your impression back to us using the the prepaid label included in the kit.
  3. Receive: When we receive the impression, we will begin work and deliver the professional custom-fitted night guard to your address based on the impression that we received.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why purchase from

You will be purchasing a custom made mouth guard from the exact professional dental labs that many dentists use. We have been in business for over 20 years and have created thousands of perfectly fitted mouth guards and dentures to local dentists. That’s why we’re confident enough to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If your mouth guard does not perfectly or comfortably fit with impression of your mouth, we will offer a full refund on your purchase!

Your purchase today includes FREE US shipping along with:

  • An impression kit with detailed, easy to follow instructions
  • All inclusive shipping and handling
  • Custom made Easy Teeth Guard for teeth grinding

Order today and see why we have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide!