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Softest and Most Comfortable

The Soft Night Guard

The Soft Night Guard

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The Soft Night Guard

The Soft Night Guard is our softest and most comfortable night guard. Recommended for light to moderate grinders and clenchers. It's made from a soft, flexible material that's approximately 2mm thick. Our soft material acts as a cushion for the clenching forces of your teeth and is more comfortable than our Easy Hybrid Guard. For heavier grinders, check our Hybrid Night Guard for a more durable night guard. 

Every order comes with

  • Free teeth impression kit with instructions and pre-paid return mailer
  • A professionally made custom night guard that fits your teeth perfectly
  • A complimentary storage case for your night guard
  • Free 3-way all-inclusive shipping

Our Guarantees

    We're a professional dental lab in Northern California and have 20+ years of dental experience. With us, you'll have:
    • A Perfect Fit Promise - if it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll adjust or remake it for you until it does, free of charge
    • 30 Day Guarantee - if you don't like the night guard whether for fit or comfort, let us know within 30 days and we'll offer you a refund
    • 6 Months Grind Free Warranty - if you break or grind through your night guard within 6 months of purchase, we'll replace it for you free of charge

        How to use

        Simply insert your guard before bed to prevent tension and damage from clenching and grinding


        Fast and free shipping via USPS First-Class Mail. USPS Priority Shipping upgrade available

        Return policy

        You may return your night guard within 30 days of purchase for a refund or store credit

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        We believe that quality and service are the two most important things for our clients

        Shop for a dental night guard now and rest assured with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (plus, shipping is FREE)!