What is a Dental Night Guard?

What is a Dental Night Guard?

Learn about Night Guards, their uses, benefits, and more.

The Benefits of Having a Night Guard

Have you ever wondered if you need a night guard, or wondered if you should have one? There are a number of reasons for people to have night guards, and they provide a number of dental advantages to those suffering certain conditions. Read on to know everything you need to in order to decide whether or not you are in need or a night guard and if it is the right decision for you.

What is a night guard and how should it be used?

Night guards are made specifically to maintain the alignment of your jaw and teeth and keep them separated in order to prevent grinding teeth. A lot of individuals unintentionally grind their teeth in their sleep as an unconscious habit. This, however, can have disastrous affects for your dental health and leave your teeth in pretty bad shape. Aside from wearing down your teeth, grinding teeth can have some unexpected consequences as well, such as jaw pain or headaches.

Mouthpieces are a great solution to this problem, however, as they prevent teeth grinders from damaging their dental health. They are made to be thin in order to provide maximum comfort to the wearer while they are sleeping. They are even designed to make it easy and comfortable for the wearer to carry on a conversation while wearing it—like it’s not even there. The Easy Teeth Guard can be custom made to order for the user, in order to ensure it provides them with optimal fit and comfort. It is also thinner than most mouthpieces that individuals can find readily available over the counter; these options are typically bulky and make speaking difficult. The reason for this is because a mouth guard must be custom made in order to conform to your teeth; the only other solution for mouth guard suppliers if they are not providing custom made models is to provide the bulky and uncomfortable alternatives.

EasyTeethGuard’s custom orders are specially molded after each person’s set of teeth, because we understand that no two people have identical sets of teeth. A well fitted, custom ordered mouth guard is the recommended solution to those who tend to grind their teeth while sleeping. If it is not seen to sooner rather than later, it is likely that the issue will only persist and perhaps increase in severity. These night guards need to be worn on a nightly basis, as habitual grinding and clenching can lead to serious damage, and possibly further complications due to lack of treatment.

What materials are night guards made from?

Over the counter mouth guards are typically produced from soft or hard plastics. However, when it comes to our custom made guards, there are a number of different options you can choose from regarding what your mouth guard should be fashioned out of. Specially formed guards are made from a hardened heat cured acrylic resin, and the softer forms are created from a heated laminated material. For those who think they might be most comfortable with a mixed material, there is combination option available. With this option, the user is able to have the softer material wrapped in a hard acrylic.

How are night guards made?

Over the counter stock mouth protectors are relatively inexpensive and made of a cheaper, harder plastic that does not allow for breathing room and flexibility. They are a bulky generic plastic that offers a minimal amount of protection. These options are not recommended by most dentists and should not be considered as the most ideal option when selecting your solution to your teeth grinding problem.

Custom ordered night mouth guards are made from impressions of an individual’s teeth, which is created when a specialized dental material is pressed against the user’s teeth when bitten. This impression of the teeth is then used to create a mold that is an exact replica of their teeth. The material used is a dental-safe plastic designed to be kept in the mouth for extended periods of time. A perfect fit provides the user with a comfortable feeling that the piece will not shift during the night while they sleep, preventing the teeth from grinding against each other.

Why order an Easy Teeth Guard?

If you are someone who grinds their teeth while sleeping, it is of the utmost importance that you get protection for your teeth right away. If not, you will definitely regret that decision later, suffering from things like jaw pain and headaches, not to mention the long-lasting effects of chipped and cracked teeth from the constant grinding. Get your teeth the care they need and deserve by protecting them with a mouth guard at night while you sleep.

When it comes to solutions to teeth grinding, there is nothing simpler and more convenient than the Easy Teeth Guard. Custom orders come with an easy-at-home dental lab kit sent through the mail. The dental lab kit will make it simple to create an exact copy of the teeth to be mailed back to EasyTeethGuard’s professional lab, where the mold will then be used to make the ideal custom fitted mouth guard. There couldn’t be a better way to get your hands on a custom-fit mouth guard. You don’t even have to set foot in a dentist’s office, and the final product will be mailed straight to your home! Not to mention, you will save yourself the frustration and discomfort of fighting with a less effective and bulky over-the-counter version of a mouth guard.

Purchasing directly through EasyTeethGuard.com will not only save time and effort, but also consider the convenience of not having to wait to get one custom made through your local dentist with the high price tag attached to a service like that. EasyTeethGuard’s Easy Teeth Guard is the affordable and easy solution to teeth grinding. Where the dentist may charge anywhere from $300 to $500, or even more, the Easy Teeth Guard is several hundred dollars less. Shop now and see the difference EasyTeethGuard can make!